Yuri On Ice Fanfic — a short passage

2 min readJan 25, 2021


Note: I wrote this over a year ago- as a draft — and haven't edited this piece since so don’t @ me if some of the sentences don’t flow together and whatnot. It’s my beginner's piece onto this site I literally found out existed 5 minutes ago due to the courtesy of a rather intriguing tik tok that appeared on my for you page.

“I want to say I knew the potential of all figure skaters in my division, but after seeing him skate, do I now know — I never have,” Vitya imperceptibly mumbled to his poodle — a log lounging on his bare feet. “I just…how?” he queried to nobody in particular before flouncing his back into the sea of pillows, latest skating magazines, and chew toys of his couch. Whooshing the air out of his lungs, he delved into assimilated ruinations.

How can a man with a talent grand enough to compete in the top selection yet flunk district competitions? Does he have an inadequate coach? Perhaps an injury — a torn sinew? However, according to Plisetsky, the skater told interviewers he was in ideal condition.

His questions burned through his mind, followed by incongruous reasons, in an attempt to bring light to a likely answer. But none shone through. The darkness of the situation was beginning to envelop him like the setting sun over the horizon. It wasn’t until he roused out of his contemplations; by a subtle shuffling at his feet. Did he realize night had swallowed Saint Petersburg and shadows streaked across every bend in his lounge. Suddenly, his dog begun to clamber up his legs and whine. The rumbling emitting from his pet reminded the man of the poignant passing of time.

“I know, I know,” the Russian mumbled before straightening his composure and slipping off the coach to find food for the two of them.

Anddd that’s it folks :)

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